Research ID Investigator Name Research Topic Research Status
16MontiraDoes ketosteril slow CKD progression?Drafting MS
17Atiporn CKD mineral and bone disorder (MBD): progressionSuspend
18MontiraESA in anemia: risk and benefit (Hb level, CVD, stroke/thrombosis)Drafting MS
19MontiraPrevalence and association factors of polypharmacy burden in CKD and dialysis patients.Suspend
20SarinyaThe effect of SGLT2 to ESRD stage in CKD patientDrafting MS
29Sukanya Factors Affecting Quality of Life in Patients Undergoing Percutaneous Coronary Intervention in Thailand: Thai PCI registry Published
39TanawanEconomic evaluation of add-on SGLT2 inhibitors and GLP-1 receptors agonist in type 2 diabetes with established cardiovascular disease and/or diabetes kidney disease in ThailandApproved
50Kamolpat Clinical effectiveness of phosphate binders for treating hyperphosphatemia in end-stage renal disease patients: a multicenter real-world studyPublished
54RomenCKD disease progression: A multi-state analysis by conventional statistical and machine learning modelsOn going
55AmmarinDeprodustat vs darbepoetin alfa on Hb level in dialysis patientsSuspend
62Amarit Machine-learning counterfactual approach of SGLT2i effect on CKD outcomeAnalysis
138SineeBone Mineral Density in CKD stages 3-4 patientsApproved
141Wanchana Clinical effectiveness of ketosteril in patients with advanced chronic kidney disease (CKD): a real-world studySuspend