Research ID Investigator Name Research Topic Research Status
21Htun Evaluation of transitions from early hypertension to hypertensive chronic kidney disease, coronary artery disease, stroke and mortality: a Thai real-world data cohortPublished
37SharminTreatment-effectiveness of anti-hypertensive drugs on disease progressionsOn going
38Thunyarat Burden of resistant hypertension: Incidence, risk factors, and prognosisApproved
40PraewThe impact of blood pressure variation on renal and cardiovascular outcomes in the Thai populationApproved
51KrittaphasComparing clinical outcomes between monotherapy and combination antihypertensive therapy as initial regimen for Ramathibodi hypertensive patientsApproved
56Htun Prognostic models of disease progression in hypertension: A multi-state model analysis by conventional statistical modellingOn going
57Htun Prognostic models of disease progression in hypertension: Machine learning modelOn going
114PrapapornPredictors of long-term response of monotherapy with phospodiesterase-5 inhibitors in pulmonary arterial hypertensionApproved